Menpower (v.) - to empower the celebration of manhood

In a world that often takes itself too seriously, Men of the Sea does the contrary - we find fun in all that we do.  With the essence of manhood woven into our name, we never forget where we began.  At our core, we’re all sea men. Whether it be hanging with the boys, hitting the gym, or letting loose at night, we always revel in all the joys of manhood.


Given the lack of celebration of manhood nowadays, we figured we’d invent a word that meant, well just that. Thus, menpower ([v.] to empower the celebration of manhood) was born, and it became our mission to menpower the world.


Men of the Sea makes waves in this dry, bland world of men’s apparel by mixing our fun, light-hearted sense of humor with creative designs and high-quality materials. The result is a lively, refreshing style representing the engaging, free-spirited lives that we should all be living.